Monday, February 9, 2009

The Child Goddess

My parents cried the day I was born they were expecting a boy. Not that they did not love me but it seemed I was always unwanted by them. I was just 4 and the temple announced that they wished to install a new living Goddess. Mother seemed to be excited, father had just returned from the temple after meeting the head priest and submitting my photograph and Janam Kundli (Horoscope) to the temple authorities.

What if I was the chosen with whom will I play and who will be my friends, can I play with my favourite doll Guddi or will I have to stand all day and night like the other Gods in the temple do, but they are made of stones will they turn me into a stone.

The call has finally come and I have become the chosen one. There is great fanfare around young, old and children dancing with joy. I don’t know when my father last held be in his arms but today I am perched on his shoulders for all to have a glimpse.

God I cannot understand your world, they cried when I was born and now I am proclaimed Goddess and henceforth will bow before me. God I cannot even laugh at your practical joke, I am restrained even to smile in your world. The life ahead is as good as a stone. God how do you live this life.

I met some women here I understand they are Goddesses of the past. Little knowledge, without much education they say they have no where to go. The world out is very bad they say and do not spare even a Goddess they have bowed before every day. Yet inside, we will one day die in despair.

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